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  Model Free Flo - Architectural Linear Slot Diffusers  
  • Linear diffuser system with engineered performance that integrates inconspicuously as an architectural feature of the space
  • Desirable large capacity, single slot appearance
  • Versatile pattern & volume control for installation in low or high sidewalls and ceilings for both heating and cooling applications
  • Adjustable for horizontal or vertically projected air discharge patterns
  • Supply, return, or exhaust air through the same continuous run of architectural linear eliminates ceiling clutter and reduces installation costs
  • Draftless air distribution excellent for VAV applications – blankets of air will not “dump” even at lowest flow rates
  • Drywall / hard surface and suspended ceiling applications
Product Features
  • Heavy extruded aluminum construction
  • 12’ lengths available to minimize joints
  • 1”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 2-1/2”, 3” slot widths
  • 1 thru 4 slots
  • Field adjustable weir type pattern controllers for horizontal left or right, or vertical projection air discharge patterns
  • Controllers are cut to nominal 24” – allows for alternating pattern changes within the run from left or right horizontal, to vertical projection
  • Adjustable controllers consist of two expandable elements for volume control as well blank-off for inactive sections
  • Baked-on Arctic white frames Models FFS & FFX, Baked-on black frames for Models FFCM & FFBF. Controllers are black. Center T’s on multiple slot units are arctic white
  • Custom curving for wall or ceiling applications – convex or concave!
  • Mitered corners and end caps
  • Multiple slots
  • Custom color matching, anodized finishes


IOM Manual

Model Mounting
Slot Width
1" 1-1/2" 2" 2-1/2" 3"
FF-S Surface Mounted
FF-CM Concealed Mounting
FF-X 5/8" Offset CEILING
FF-X 5/8" Offset FRAME
FF-X 5/16" Reveal To Wall
FF-BF Beveled Flange
FF-L Lay-In T-Bar
FF-L9 9/16"
Lay-In T-Bar
FF-D 9/16"
Narrow Slot
FF-D1 9/16"
Narrow Slot
FF-T9 9/16" Tegular
FF-T 15/16" Tegular      
FF-T9S Combo
9/16" Tegular /
Surface Mount
FF-T9B Combo
9/16" Tegular / Beveled Frame
FF-DM Duct Mounted    
Surface / Beveled Frame
Surface / Beveled Frame
FF-W1 Flush Frame      
FF-SW1 Wall + Flanged      
FF-BW1 Wall + Mud/Beveled      
FF-T9W1 Wall + 9/16" Tegular        
FF-LD Combo 9/16"
Narrow Slot / Surface-Tile Frame
FF-V V - Concealed Border    
FF-XD Combo Flush to Wall No Flange/ Beveled Frame    
FF-CV Vector Ceiling

Optional Features
Accessories Mitered
Model AD
Air Distribution Plenums
Stack Miter (inside) Flat (F) Surface Applications
Basic Linear Section / Run
Model LSS
Linear Diffuser Light Shield
Stack Miter (outside) Concave (V) Curve Applications
Configuration L
Model LINX
Linear Diffuser Connectors
Face Miter
(90° & 45°)

Convex (X) Curve Applications
Configuration S
Blank-Off Plate FFX Configuration 1 - Slot (All Sizes)   Configuration Z
Optional Screw Attachment     Configuration U
Free Flo Controller Flexibility FF-D1 Configuration Face Miter (90°)   Configuration R
Face Miter
  Configuration I
Sidewall Inside Corner
      Configuration O
Sidewall Outside Corner
      Diffuser End Cuts