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  Model SLAD - Aluminum Linear Slot Diffuser  
  • Versatile supply linear diffuser for wall, ceiling or sill installations.
  • Adjustable air discharge pattern for horizontal or vertical directions provides draft free comfort for both heating and cooling.
  • Designed for efficient air distribution at cooling differentials up to 30° F.
  • SLADs can be used for combination supply/return or return only.
  • Continuous runs with active and inactive sections.
Product Features
  • Extruded aluminum construction with attractive, durable finish.
  • Pattern control designed for easy adjustment of horizontal or vertical discharge.
  • Arctic white outer flanges, center tees and end caps.
  • Flat black pattern control element and adjustment vanes for clean architectural look.
  • Available in four slot widths, 1/2", 3/4", 1" and 1-1/2".
  • Available in single piece lengths from 12" to 72".
  • Units for continuous run applications provided with concealed
    key-ways and alignment strips for exact alignment and clean, neat appearance.
  • Assembly hardware - duct mounting brackets, alignment strips, end caps, mounting bracket screws - provided as applicable.
  • Frames available for surface, lay-in T-bar and 9/16 narrow slot grid systems, and round (spiral) duct.
  • Plenums – insulated or non-insulated.
  • Mitered corners for ceiling or wall applications.
  • Blank-off baffles.
  • Equalizing deflectors.
  • Eggcrate straighteners.
  • Model TBF T-Bar mounting frames.
  • Custom colors (provide paint chip or formulation number).
  • Mirror polished face surfaces.

IOM Manual

Model Mounting
Slot Width
1/2" 3/4" 1" 1-1/2"
SLAD-PS Surface Mounted
SLAD-FS Surface Mounted
SLAD-PL Lay-In T-Bar
SLAD-FL Lay-In T-Bar
SLAD-FL9 9/16" Lay-In T-Bar
SLAD-D 9/16" Narrow Slot
SLAD-T9 Tegular 9/16" T-Bar
SLAD-T Tegular 15/16" T-Bar
SLAD-BF Beveled Flange  
SLAD-DM Duct Mounted
SLAD-W Flush Mounted
9/16" Narrow Slot / Surface-Tile Frame
Tegular 15/16" T-Bar / Surface-Tile Frame
SLAR-FS Surface
SLAR-PS Surface

Optional Features
Accessories Mitered Corners Configurations
Model AD
Air Distribution Plenums
Stack Miter (inside) Basic Linear Section / Run
Model LSS
Linear Diffuser Light Shield
Stack Miter (outside) Configuration L
Model LINX
Linear Diffuser Connectors
Face Miter (90° & 45°)
Configuration S
Blank-Off Plate   Configuration Z
Optional Screw Attachment   Configuration U
    Configuration R
    Configuration I
Sidewall Inside Corner
    Configuration O
Sidewall Outside Corner
    Diffuser End Cuts