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  Model SPT - Punkah Style Spot Diffuser  
  • Punkah type spot diffuser provides architecturally preferred high end appearance
  • Ideally suited for predictable directional control of conditioned air within large spaces such as malls, exhibit halls, sports arenas, industrial and manufacturing facilities, atrium areas, and large office building entrances.
  • Small nozzle sizes provide shorter throws for smaller spaces
  • Spot air distribution ideal for industrial heating, ventilating, or cooling
  • Side wall, ceiling, or duct mounted applications – any orientation
  • Rapid temperature equalization eliminates stratification
Product Features
  • Eyeball assembly smoothly rotates in fixed mounting flange – seals prevent leakage
  • Field adjustable directional control up to 75° total angle
  • 11 nozzle sizes from 3” to 20” diameter
  • Installation configurations include surface and end of round duct mounting. A panel assembly of 2 or 4 nozzles permits multi-directional patterns from one location. Panels are satin polished stainless steel.
  • Includes screw holes and factory supplied screws
  • Robust aluminum construction is machined – not riveted, welded, or screwed together
  • Clear anodize finish for years of corrosion-resistant performance
  • Custom paint colors
  • Volume control damper changes effective nozzle area while maintaining jet discharge velocity. Knurled adjustment knob means no tools required.
Features at a Glance
Model Mounting  
SPT-S Surface Mounted
SPT-SA Surface Mounted with Round Duct Adapter
SPT-RE Round Duct, Exposed
SPT-P Panel Mounted