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  Model DJ - Diffus-a-Jet Diffusers, Jet and Diffused Air Patterns  
  • “Spot” type supply air outlet with a reversible nozzle for jet or diffused air patterns
  • Recommended for HVAC installations which require long or short throw pattern flexibility with trajectory control
  • Ideally suited for predictable directional control of conditioned air within large spaces such as malls, exhibit halls, sports arenas, industrial and manufacturing facilities, atrium areas, and large office building entrances
  • Spot air distribution ideal for industrial heating, ventilating, or cooling
  • Side wall, ceiling, or duct mounted applications
  • Rapid temperature equalization eliminates stratification
Product Features
  • Reversible, rotating nozzle provides a long throw jet pattern, or diffused, short throw pattern – without using volume dampers
  • Field adjustable pattern and direction – from the face of the outlet
  • Directional control within a 60° arc
  • 8”, 10”, 12”, 15” diameter nozzles
  • 1, 2, 3, or 4 nozzle panel assembly permits multi-directional, as well as mixed jet and diffused patterns from one location. Panel includes screw holes and factory supplied screws.
  • End of round duct mounting option
  • Welded, heavy gauge, all steel, coated construction
  • Arctic white finish
  • Aluminum construction. Contact factory for anodizing options.
  • Opposed blade volume control damper for duct mounting
  • Custom paint colors.

Model Mounting Number of Nozzles  
DJ-1 Panel Mounted 1
DJ-2 2
DJ-3 3
DJ-4 4
DJC Duct Mounted N/A

OBD - Opposed Blade Volume Control Damper