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  Model MAW - High Capacity Diffuser  
  • High capacity supply air diffuser with short throw distances
  • Ideal for high density occupancy such as trading floors
  • Premium appearance designed by Architects
  • Recommended for constant or variable air volume heating, cooling, or ventilating
  • Nominal 24 x 24 module size
  • Lay-in T-bar or 9/16” narrow slot suspended grid systems
Product Features
  • Unique face design delivers a 360° horizontal air discharge pattern along the ceiling and a weak vertical discharge of air without creating drafts within the occupied space.
  • Stamped directional apertures and perforated section ensure performance – no field adjustments required
  • Steel face and back pan construction
  • Arctic White baked-on finish – entire assembly
  • Model MVA - no center perforations
  • Blank-off baffles for directional control for 3, 2, or 1 way blow
  • Optional Anemostat colors
  • Custom color matching
  • Model VD butterfly volume control damper
  • Model TBF auxiliary mounting frame for hard / plaster ceilings

Features at a Glance

Model MAW
Perforated Center
Model MVA
Solid Center
Lay-In T-Bar
9/16" Narrow Slot

VD - Butterfly Volume Control Damper
TBF - T-Bar Mounting Frame
LD - Combo Louver Damper
CED - Equalizing Deflector