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  Model IJ - Infini-Jet Drum Louver  
  • High capacity supply air outlet with adjustable directional blades for jet or diffused air patterns and vertical directional control
  • Recommended for HVAC installations which require long or short throw patterns and trajectory control
  • Ideally suited for accurate directional control of conditioned air within large spaces such as malls, exhibit halls, sports arenas, industrial and manufacturing facilities, atrium areas, and large office building entrances
  • Supplies straight 0° jet air patterns for extremely long throw requirements and diffused air patterns up to 30° spread for installations which require shorter throws and greater air diffusion patterns
  • Vertical direction is adjustable from 0° to ±30°
Product Features
  • The “IJ” is constructed from heavy aluminum extrusions for maximum strength, corrosion resistance, and dimensional stability. The drum is securely attached to the outer frame by mechanical fasteners and held in position by friction.
  • Comprised of cylindrical drum pivoted within a 1 1/4" outer frame gasketed on all four sides to minimize smudging
  • Rotatable drum has a seal on all sides to minimize air leakage
  • Deflection louvers or blades of the drum are individually adjustable, rear pivoted, and provide spread control at various angles from 0° to 30°
  • Outer frame with 3/16" diameter mounting holes for screw type mounting
  • Available in four nominal heights of 6", 10", 12", and 15". Widths range from 9" to 70".
  • The optional opposed blade damper is gear operated & adjusted from the face by a slotted screwdriver. The use of the OBD does not limit directional control in the vertical plane nor spread adjustability. Opposed blade damper is available in standard galvanneal steel or optional aluminum.
  • Pole operated lever for vertical adjustment from the floor (pole not included).
  • Standard finish is baked-on Arctic White. Optional finishes are available.
  • Contact factory for aluminum anodized options

Model Features Mounting  
IJ Infini-Jet Drum Louver Surface Mounted
IJ-D Infini-Jet Split Vane Drum Louver Surface Mounted
EJ EcoJet Drum Louver Spiral Duct Mounted
EJ-D EcoJet Split Vane
Drum Louver
Spiral Duct Mounted

OBD - Opposed Blade Volume Control Damper