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  Model HU-4 with DE-2 - Adjustable Discharge Pattern From Horizontal To Vertical  
  • Recommended for heating, ventilating, spot cooling, and limited comfort cooling in industrial environments
  • Effectively used for heating and ventilating systems in auditoriums, coliseums, and other large structures (low returns a MUST for satisfactory operation during winter heating periods)
  • Mounting heights to 24 feet at max 15° F cooling differential – low returns allow increased mounting heights
  • Manually adjustable diffuser to provide required pattern for the application – horizontal or vertical projection
  • Install on exposed duct work or surface mounted
Product Features
  • Manually adjustable, steel diffuser with model DE-2 radial deflector for air pattern control
  • Deflector is a pole operated disk-damper with radial, adjustable blades.
  • 3 expanding cones designed with closed beads
  • Arctic White baked-on finish
  • Aluminum construction
  • Custom or optional paint colors

DE-2 - Directional Control Deflector