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  Model D - Directional Diffuser  
  • Versatile supply air diffuser for constant or variable air volume heating, cooling, or ventilating
  • Directed air diffusion for space coverage with great flexibility in space layout and geometry, and diffuser location
  • Return air use to maintain matched appearance
  • Surface mounted or suspended grid systems
Product Features
  • Square or rectangular neck sizes up to 57” in 3” increments
  • 5 “application specific” air distribution patterns – 1 way, 2 way opposite, 2 way corner, 3 way, and 4 way
  • Removable / interchangeable cores for cleaning or changing air distribution needs, without tools.
  • Concealed core attachment – NO screws
  • Arctic White baked-on finish
  • Steel, aluminum, or stainless steel construction
  • Steel, aluminum, or stainless steel opposed blade volume control damper (Model DOB)
  • Square to round duct adapter (Model SRA)
  • Equalizing deflector (Model DED) to provide uniform air flow
  • Throw Reducing Vanes (Model TRV) direct air to the corners
  • Pattern Flaps (Model PF) adjust air pattern from horizontal to vertical
  • All aluminum construction for MRI applications

BIM Models
Model Features Mounting
DP Extensional Panel Lay-In T-Bar
DF Flat Outer Frame Surface Mounted
DM Beveled Outer Frame Surface Mounted
DF-DB With Drop Box Surface Frame Surface Mounted
DD Extensional Panel 9/16" Narrow Slot
DT Extensional Panel 15/16" Tegular
DP-RT Roto-Throw with
Extension Panel
Lay-In T-Bar
DD-RT 9/16" Narrow Slot

PF - Pattern Flaps
TRV - Throw Reducing Vanes
SRA - Square to Round Adapter
DOB-1 Opposed Blade Volume Control Damper for D-Diffusers
TBF - T-Bar Mounting Frame
ED - Equalizing Deflector