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  ED - Equalizing Deflector  
  • Usually installed at duct take-off feeding diffuser to provide uniform airflow into the diffuser. Placed at take-off with its top flush with bottom of supply duct.
  • Reduce sound levels and diffuser operating pressure, and improve air distribution where non-uniform flow may occur.
  • For directional control, ED is placed in the neck of the diffuser with blades at 90° to long axis of room and set to direct airflow in desired direction(s). If room dimension ratios are as great as 2 to 1, two ED’s may be used, one installed above the other with its blades at 90° to those of the first and turned inward. Use caution and size diffuser to avoid excessive neck velocities and noise
Product Features
  • Individually adjustable deflector blades allow additional control when needed
  • Coated steel construction