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  Model XEZT - Exhaust / Return Air Terminal  
  • Exhaust flow control in critical spaces including laboratories, industrial air flow applications, and hazardous environments
  • VAV fume hood applications utilizing face velocity controls
  • General room exhaust
  • For use with square / rectangular inlet ductwork, round outlet ductwork
  • Insulated casing for attenuation of discharge sound levels
  • Normally open or closed fail safe positions using rapid response pneumatic actuators
  • Control strategies using pneumatic, analog, or direct digital control (DDC) systems to satisfy any application
Product Features
  • Right or left hand controls location
  • Slip & Drive inlet duct connection
  • 22 gauge steel, leak resistant casing lined with 1/2" dual-density acoustical insulation (NFPA 90A & UL181)
  • Square / rectangular inlet with outlet sizes from 5" to 16" diameter
  • Model XEZTA includes discharge sound attenuator
  • Velocity wing flow cross sensor for extremely accurate flow sensing
  • Balancing taps and calibration chart are standard to aid field adjustment
  • Bellmouth re-entrant design reduces pressure requirements and sound levels (5" to 16" diameter)
  • 304/316 stainless steel construction or aluminum on all metal “exposed to flow” components
  • Phenolic coating for improved fume protection against acids, alkalies, solvents, and inorganic salts.
  • Steel control enclosure, screw attached cover
  • Digital, analog, or pneumatic control systems
  • Bottom access door (Patch plate, Double cam-lock, Hinged)
    model XEZTA only
  • 1” thick glass fiber insulation, 1/2" or 1" foil-faced insulation (taped edges).

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Model Features  
XEZTS Standard
XEZTA Standard with Integral Sound Attenuator
XEZTS Bellmouth Feature
XEZTA Bellmouth Feature ith Integral Sound Attenuator