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  Model RF8 - Internal Retrofit Kit for Single & Dual Duct Air Terminals  
  • Designed for retrofitting older generation of high pressure, mechanical constant volume air terminals, both single and dual duct, to save energy by reducing system pressure and mixing of hot and cold air
  • Designed for retrofit of Anemostat and other manufacturer’s air terminals
  • RF-8 replaces existing box regulator, reducing the minimum operating static pressure requirement
  • Replacement of the Anemostat existing MCV regulator with the RF-8 is easily accomplished in the field, typically within 60 minutes.
  • Replacement in Anemostat terminals is accomplished thru the large, bottom access panel of the existing air terminal without disturbing inlet or discharge duct connections.
  • The RF-8 is dimensionally the same as existing MCV
    regulators and normally bolts to the existing bulkhead without cutting sheet metal to fit
Product Features
  • The RF-8 regulator is available in 10 different sizes to fit all needs
  • The RF-8 is a kit that includes all tubing, hardware, fittings, adaptors, and controls necessary to realize the energy
    saving advantage by reducing the air terminal operating pressure
  • Multi-point averaging air flow sensor
  • 20 gauge coated steel construction
  • Rectangular damper rotates in self-lubricating bearings and provides high degree of open area – configurable for
    normally open or normally closed operation
  • Neoprene perimeter damper seal provides tight closure for shut-off applications
  • Pressure independent Pneumatic, Electronic Analog, or Direct Digital Control Packages are available to suit project requirements.
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