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  Model RF11 - Internal Retrofit Kit, Slide-In Unit  
  • A VAV terminal that easily slips in thru the side of
    rectangular or square duct, reducing installation costs
  • Provides energy savings, VAV space temperature control
  • Pressure independent controls mean that only the precise amount of air is fed to the space to maintain comfort
  • Ideal for retrofit of constant volume systems to variable air volume or for new installations
Product Features
  • Available in virtually unlimited duct sizes and flow ranges
  • Multi-point, cross type air flow sensor
  • Heavy, 20 gauge coated steel construction
  • Dual bladed damper with resilient perimeter seal provides tight closure for shut-off applications, and operates in self-lubricating, rust proof bearings
  • Normally closed damper is standard
  • Pressure independent Pneumatic, Electronic Analog, or Direct Digital Control Packages are available to suit project requirements
  • Control enclosure to house and protect controls
Sensor Signal Curves
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