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  Model HVI - Jet Induction Air Terminal  


  • Energy savings associated with variable air volume
  • Maintain space temperature with room air motion characteristics of a constant volume system throughout the operating range for high levels of thermal comfort
  • Use central fan system static pressure (as low as .5") to induce ceiling plenum air – no auxiliary induction fans required
  • Maximum energy efficiency in perimeter zones with energy reclamation from warmer ceiling plenum during heating cycles
  • Improved air quality with high levels of air motion for significant occupant comfort.
  • Control strategies using pneumatic, analog, or direct digital control (DDC) systems
Product Features
  • Round inlet sizes from 5" to 14" diameter / rectangular 1" discharge collar
  • Patented Velocity Wing inlet sensor provides high amplification and accuracy (±5%) for precise flow control – includes balancing taps with calibration chart for field adjustment
  • High efficiency, aluminum variable nozzle controls primary air flow rate and acts as a jet pump, creating negative pressures within the terminal casing.
  • Sequenced induction damper meters the amount of induced air into the terminal, based on zone demand.
  • 22 gauge steel cabinet lined with 1/2" thermal-acoustical insulation / attenuator-venturi section lined with 1" high density insulation (NFPA 90A & UL 181)
  • Easy to install and service – bottom access door standard on all terminals
  • 1, 2, or 4 row Hot Water Coil
  • Electric duct heaters (mounted in the downstream ductwork)
  • Steel control enclosure, screw attached cover.
  • Right Hand or Left Hand control / coil locations
  • 1/2" thick, foil faced internal cabinet insulation with metal taped edges meeting ASTM C665
  • Unit mounting brackets (field installed)
  • Digital, analog, or pneumatic control systems

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Control Packages
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HVIR Hot Water
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HVI Jet Induction Air Terminal
HVIR Jet Induction Air Terminal with
Hot Water Heat