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  Model DU - Dual Duct Air Terminals  
  • Dual duct systems utilizing energy conserving fan controls with variable air volume (VAV) temperature control loops
  • Hot and cold air flow rates are delivered to meet space loads, while maintaining desired total air flow rates to the space
  • Pressure independent operation for precise air volume control of both hot and cold air flow
  • Configurable for both mixing and non-mixing applications with variable or constant total flow to the space
  • Maintain space temperature while maintaining air change rates or space pressurization, or meeting minimum ventilation rates.
  • Control strategies using pneumatic, analog, or direct digital control (DDC) systems to satisfy any application
Product Features
  • Integral attenuator on Models DU1, DU1R, & DU-2
  • Compact Assembly with Models DU-3 & DU-4 (non-mixing applications)
  • Flow sensor arrangements available in the inlets of the air terminal, and a flow totalizing sensor at the discharge, based on control strategy.
  • Control sequence may be inlet sensing only (I sequences) or combination inlet total (I-T) sensing (one inlet sensor/one total sensor). Available with a variety of control sequences for mixing and non-mixing application.
  • Hot & cold round inlet sizes from 5" to 16" diameter – can be different sizes on the air terminal
  • Right or left hand hot inlet location
  • Flanged or Slip & Drive Discharge Duct Connections
  • 22 gauge steel, leak resistant casing lined with 1/2" thermal/acoustical insulation (NFPA 90A & UL181)
  • Balancing taps / calibration chart included for field adjustment.
  • Steel control enclosure
  • Bottom access door (Patch plate, Double cam-lock, Hinged)
  • Model DU1R includes factory mounted 1, 2, or 4 row hot water coil
  • Electric duct heater (installed downstream of the terminal discharge)
  • 1" thick glass fiber insulation, 1/2" or 1" foil-faced insulation (taped edges), 3/8" closed cell “fiber-less” insulation, Fiber-Lok system using 1" high density foil-faced lining with steel encapsuled cut edges (approved by the stringent California Office of Safety, Health, and Planning Department (OSHPD)


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Control Packages
Product Details
Model Features Dimensional
DU1 With Attenuator, Flanged Discharge
DU1R With Attenuator & Hot Water Heat N/A
DU2 With Attenuator, Slip & Drive Discharge
DU3 Flanged Discharge
DU4 Slip & Drive Discharge
DU00 Super-Short, Inlet Sensing, Slip & Drive Discharge
Model Features  
DU1 Attenuator, Inlet/Total Sensing, Flanged Discharge
DU1R Attenuator, Inlet Sensing, Hot Water Heat,
Flanged Discharge
DU2 Attenuator, Inlet/Total Sensing,
Slip & Drive Discharge
DU3 Inlet Sensing, Flanged Discharge
DU4 Inlet Sensing, Slip & Drive Discharge
DD00 Super-Short, Inlet Sensing, Slip & Drive Discharge