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  Model SV432 - S-Vent® Security Diffuser / Grille  
Standard Features
  • Throw Patterns: Specify 1,2 (90° or 180°),
    3 or 4 way
  • Face Flange: 16 gauge with beveled edges
  • Horizontal Louver: 16 gauge, spaced at 3/8" at 50° for directional airflow
  • Air Passageways: Patented “S” style virtually eliminates ‘looping’ of materials around/or through louvers
  • Neck: Rigid with 3-1/4" unit depth made of
    uni-welded constructed louvers
  • Installs: Face or duct mounted


  • Coated Steel
  • 304 Stainless Steel


  • Steel: White Powder Coat (standard)
  • Stainless: 2B Mill Finish (standard)
  • Custom powder coat colors (optional)
Optional Features
  • Sleeve: 16-gauge galvanized
  • Opposed Blade Dampers: Rear operated
    - shipped loose (typical)
  • Aluminum Construction: 14 gauge

The diffuser/grille is made of 16-gauge stainless steel or 16 gauge coated steel with the outer perimeter formed to raise the grille face 7/16" from the wall or ceiling. The edge of the grille is manufactured with a beveled slope. No open or unfinished edges exist. The horizontal louvers correspondingly are attached to a uni-weld frame and faceplate creating a penetration resistant neck with a standard throat of 3-1/4".
Specified throw pattern will determine the number of cores and direction of airflow (1,2,3,4 way throws available). The diffuser will fit into the ceiling opening to be welded to ductwork or attached with sheet metal screws. Optional mounting flange is available for attachment from the face.


SV432 diffuser is installed through the ceiling opening and attached by tension guide-wires, duct welding or with sheet metal screws. Optional mounting flange attached to the ceiling permits secure installation with tamper proof screws. Optional sleeve and rear operated opposed blade damper(s) may be supplied, if required.

Submittals - New Construction
Model Features Material
Steel Stainless
SV432-DM Maximum Security Diffuser without FacePlate Deflection
Duct Mounted
SV432-FM Maximum Security Diffuser without FacePlate Deflection
Face Mounted with Rear Installation Plate