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  Model SGSDF - Directional Diffuser with Lattice Face Plate  
Standard Features
  • Face Plate: 12 GA C.R.S. with 13/16" square holes on 1" centers.
  • Diffuser: with steel construction and reinforced welded corners. 4-way pattern is standard.
  • Neck Sizes: square and rectangular from 6" x 6" to
    24" x 24" in 3" increments
  • Face Plate: furnished with screw holes to accept 1/4" - 20 x 2" tamperproof screws shipped loose. Check ceiling thickness to verify the length is sufficient.
  • Tamperproof Screws: 1/4" - 20 x 2" one-way vandal proof


  • Standard: White Powder Coat Finish
  • Optional: Consult factory for other finishes
Optional Features
  • Material Gauge: face plate - 10 GA, 14 GA
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, or Galvanized (consult factory for availability)
  • Face Plate Patterns:
    - 9/16" square holes on 11/16" centers
    - Consult factory for other face patterns
  • Opposed Blade Damper: adjustable from the room when the lattice and core are removed (shipped loose)
  • Tamperproof Screws: Consult factory for specific product applications
  • Equalizing Deflector: Steel duct mounted
  • Core Patterns: 1-way, 2-way opposite, 2-WAY corner, 3-WAY, 4-WAY
  • Adapter: square to round (shipped loose)


The SGCDF is constructed of all steel components with
reinforced welded seams. The heavy duty lattice face plate is removable (with a special tool) to allow access to volume control.


The diffuser is connected to the duct work. The lattice face plate is secured to the diffuser face by the tamperproof screws that extend up into the diffuser support frame in the ceiling.
Installation Overview
Tamperproof Screws