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  Model RRFP Extra Heavy Duty Steel Removable Perforated Face Plate(s)  
Standard Features
  • RRFP-1...Face Plate: 12 GA C.R.S. perforated face with 5/32" diameter holes on 7/32" staggered centers
  • RRFP-2...with Secondary Face Plate: 14 GA C.R.S. mated and spot welded to 12 GA face plate (see above) for 3/16" overall thickness steel face plate
  • Tamperproof Screws: #10 x 1-1/2" pinned flat head torx (sheet metal or machine screws)


  • Standard: White Powder Coat Finish
  • Optional: Rust Inhibiting Prime Coat. Consult factory for other finishes
Optional Features
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, or Galvanized (consult factory for availability)
  • Wire Screen: Stainless Steel (16-16 mesh) welded behind face plate or secondary face plate for enhanced risk reduction
  • Tamperproof Screws: Consult factory for specific product applications
  • “Hug Tight” Lip: 1/2" Lip Profile typical
    - Other Lip Profiles Available (please specify)


The steel face plate is formed with an optional 1/2" lip profile (typical) and attached with countersunk screws to fit "hug tight" against the installed surface. The secondary face plate is mated and spot welded to the front plate (RRFP-2) to provide additional rigidity. The mesh screen is supplied for additional protection and is spot welded to the back of the primary or secondary face plate.


The RRFP-1 and/or RRFP-2 are installed in risk resistant sidewall or ceiling applications, secured to a support frame or concrete wall with a female receptacle.
Installation Overview
Tamperproof Screws