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  Model PLD-MS - Directional Diffuser with Perforated Face Plate for Snap-In Ceilings  
Standard Features
  • Face Plate: 18 GA C.R.S. with 3/16"* holes on 1/4" centers and 90° leg.
  • Back Pan: 22 GA C.R.S. with adjustable louvers for 1, 2, 3, or 4 way throw.
  • Neck: Square or round neck available


  • Standard: White Powder Coat Finish
  • Optional: Consult factory for other finishes
Optional Features
  • Material Gauge: face plate - 16 GA C.R.S.
  • Back Pan: tack welded to face plate
  • Perforated Patterns: Consult factory
  • Opposed Blade Damper: front or rear operated
  • V Damper Blade: front operated
  • Non Louvered: for return (model 3RPLD-MS)
  • Mounting: surface mounted with sheet metal screws (snap-in “L’ s” removed)


The PLD-MS is a two piece unit, constructed of all steel
components and consists of commercial grade louvers with an adjustable throw pattern attached within the neck of the back pan. The face plate has an integrated 90° leg for lock down ceiling attachment†.


The two piece unit is affixed to itself with non-visible spring clips. Then the 90° leg of the diffuser is pushed into the T-Bar lock down ceiling grid system†.

†Contact factory with ceiling grid details to verify compatibility

SUPPLY Submittals
Model Mounting
PLD-MS Lay-In / Lock Down Ceiling
PFD-MS Surface Mounted
PHD-MS Snap-In Ceiling
RETURN Submittals
Model Mounting
3RPLD-MS Lay-In / Lock Down Ceiling
3RPFD-MS Surface Mounted
3RPHD-MS Snap-In Ceiling