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  Model VT - Vortech Swirl Diffuser  
  • Ceiling installed supply diffuser suitable for ceiling heights from 8’ to 16’
  • Recommended for constant or variable air volume systems – high “coanda” effect at low flow rates
  • Heating, cooling, and general ventilation – promotes extremely high mixing rates that rapidly equalize space temperatures preventing stratification
  • 360° radial, horizontal air delivery pattern
  • Installs on surfaces, Lay-in T-bar grid systems, or exposed duct applications
  • Use as a matching return
Product Features
  • Radial faced diffuser maintains high induction regardless of size
  • Effective outlet area changes in proportion to inlet diameter NO use of round reducers to adapt a large diffuser for small necks!!!!!
  • Steel construction
  • Available neck diameters: 8", 10", 12", 14", 16"
  • Durable, white baked finish
  • Model VD Butterfly Volume Damper (field installed)
Features at a Glance
Model Mounting
VT-L Lay-In T-Bar
VT-S Surface Mounted

VD - Butterfly Volume Control Damper