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  Model FD - Fixed Vane Plenum Slot Diffuser  
  • Fixed 1 slot, 1-way throw diffuser used in interior and exterior zones
  • Horizontal air pattern for cooling and heating loads
  • High induction ratios for rapid mixing and temperature equalization
  • Draftless air distribution excellent for VAV applications – blanket of air will not “dump” even at lowest flow rates
  • Integrates with inverted T-bar and 9/16" narrow slot grid systems. Adaptable to hard surfaces using mounting frame.
Product Features
  • Aerodynamic, curved deflection vane integrated into a coated steel supply plenum for optimum performance
  • 24", 36", 48", 60" nominal lengths
  • Integral supply air plenum minimizes air leakage.
  • Plenum inlet located as required for ease of installation
  • Flat black finish on exposed surfaces
  • Model FSR combines both the supply and return in one assembly
  • 1/2" Internal glass fiber insulation. External insulation, and “fiberless” insulating systems available.
  • T-Bar Clips
  • Side Tees (white)
  • Volume damper in inlet.
  • Center Notch for pass-thru applications
  • Surface mounting frames
  • Custom lengths
Features at a Glance