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  Model AR-3 - Fixed, Horizontal Discharge Diffuser with High Air Change Rate  
  • Recommended for cooling and ventilating in spaces requiring high air change rates with difficult air distribution needs
  • Fixed, horizontal pattern is maintained with or without ceiling effect.
  • Efficient air distribution in cooling applications at temperature differentials as high as 35° F.
  • Up to 50 air changes per hour (ACH)
  • 360° horizontal air delivery pattern
  • Surface mounted or exposed duct
Product Features
  • Steel construction – fixed horizontal pattern.
  • 5 or 6 expanding cones designed with closed beads providing a minimum of 5 air paths
  • Ultimate in aspiration properties by inducing room air within the passageway of the expanding cones in a volume equal to 25-35% of the specified design volume
  • Inner cones removable as an assembly
  • Arctic White baked-on finish
  • Aluminum construction
  • Custom or optional paint colors
Features at a Glance

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