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  Hot Water Coil Valve Packages  

Anemostat factory configured Hot Water Valve Packages make the connection from the building piping system to the air terminal coil a breeze.

  • Single source package – air terminals and valve packages from one supplier improves quality, reduces coordination and field labor, and assures proper control valve and automatic flow control devices are installed on each unit.
  • Each configured package is designed specifically for project requirements
  • Selection & sizing of components by factory engineers provides the most efficient and cost effective way to control water flow through each coil.
  • Expert selection experience and value engineering means best performance for least cost.
  • Simplifies field installation saving time and money. Reduces errors in selection of installed equipment.
Product Features
  • The supply & return pair are factory assembled and pressure tested to confirm a leak free assembly.
  • Each pair are blister packed to a board (size limits apply) with unit tag and location to match up the valve package with the correct VAV terminal in the building.
  • Quality components with a proven record of long lasting performance.
Options & Accessories
  • 2-way or 3-way configurations
  • 2-position, proportional, or floating control valves with actuators
  • Factory installed valves/actuators provided by another manufacturer
  • Manual balancing or automatic flow control (cartridge type)
  • Flexible stainless steel hose connections
  • Isolation ball valves
  • Y-Strainers and Blow-down valve
  • Pressure/Temperature ports
  • Manual air vents
Flow Cartridge

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