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  Model RFSD - Swirl Diffusers  
Anemostat’s Vortex Swirl Diffusers are engineered to create low velocity swirl discharge and high room air induction rates to optimize the stratification effect for better indoor air quality. The manual model provides a personal control feature for superior occupant comfort and control near workstation and open plan areas.


  • For use with low velocity pressurized supply air plenums and raised access floors

Product Features

  • 80 CFM personal control model for interior zones & work stations
  • 110 CFM w/ Siemens actuator for private office and conference rooms
  • Durable high-strength polymer construction (complies w/ UL2043)
  • Gasketed for air leakage control
  • Easy to install, clean, and relocate
  • Daisey-chain, plug & play Seimens actuator (see Camino PSM 100 Power Supply Module)
  • Available in Charcoal (CH), Gray (GR) & Beige (BG), Custom Colors also available